Crocorilla / Creature model TIMELAPSE

A hybrid of a Crocodile and a Gorilla, Crocorilla. Game asset model commissioned for Interstella Pi Labs, an upcoming indie game development team. Modeled with Blender 2.83, textured with Photoshop. Timelapse videos available on my Youtube channel, spit into 3 parts. Start with part 1 here:

Tianchisaurus / Prehistoric Fury

Coming in at tier 4 we have Tianchisaurus, one of the earliest known and one of the most unknown ankylosaurs currently known. Tianchisaurus was from the middle Jurassic of the Toutunhe formation in China. Tianchisaurus will be a Medium herbivore in the game, the dinosaur after, Minotaurasaurus will be the first heavy herbivore in the... Continue Reading →

Nanuqsaurus – Prehistoric Fury

The final dinosaur to be announced for the North American Heavy Carnivore line is Nanuqsaurus, the tyrannosaurus of the Artic, the Polar Tyrant.This dinosaur will be the first Heavy Carnivore to the core, with it taking all the characteristics that will be common in the later tiers, compared to Teratophoneus, Nanuqsaurus would be slower but... Continue Reading →

Stokesosaurus – Prehistoric Fury

Stokesosaurus, a small Tyrannosauroid dinosaur from the late Jurassic of Utah. This dinosaur is an early ancestor of what would become Tyrannosaurus in the late Cretaceous. In-game the dinosaur will be classed as a Light Carnivore, this is a dinosaur that will be relatively fast, but as it is a tier 3, it won’t be... Continue Reading →

Tyrannosaurus rex – Prehistoric Fury

The too-many-i-lost-count time i made the Tyrant lizard king, as the newest and most anticipated attribution to project Prehistoric Fury. This time is a much more scientifically accurate version (for what we know till this point, paleontology makes new discoveries everyday) to give the most authentic experience for our player as possible, living and fighting... Continue Reading →

Robot Character RTS03

Sci-fi robotic character model, suitable for games and subdivision-ready for films or close up. Comes with full rig in both Maya file and Blender file. PBR textures all in 4096*4096 quality. ---DETAILS--- In this package includes: Maya file (.MA, .MB) with rigs made with Advanced SkeletonBlender file (.BLEND) with rigs and IK controllers, pose library... Continue Reading →

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