Vessel HMD H.8205 (Freelance Product)

There's a first for everything. This is mine.


3D Printing product for SALE on SHAPEWAYS!

After much preparation, finally my first product available for 3D printing is here! Powered by Shapeways, the most popular 3D prints shop on the internet. With just 60  US dollars, you can now own for yourself A Mini sculpture of the scientifically accurate reconstruction of the Psittacosaurus (with the exception of the quills, due to... Continue Reading →

Texture Baking TUTORIAL & a gift

Texturing can be intimidating, especially for complex objects like a creature maybe. As someone who mainly make creature, i have learned a few tricks within about 5 years of experience. And today I'd like to share with everyone a technique called: Texture Baking. (Both video and text version available)

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