Hi, My name is Bill and I am a CG artist. you may think that this is such a cocky statement, and it’s kind of is. I am nothing more but a hobbyist as of this moment, I have been using Blender and other CG programs to create arts. And throughout the process, I have found my way, my reason to exist you could say, I have found something that I can dedicated my life to, which we should all be able to achieve.

That’s me folks, not many people on the internet have seen my face yet. But i realized, you shouldn’t be afraid to show it, despite how un-attractive you are, like me.

IMG20160926111024So what do I do as a CG artist? well reconstructing animals is what I love to do, dinosaurs in general. I love the idea that I can help bring them back to life, giving them a second chance in the world so to speak using the amazing tool of 3d arts. Thus help spreading the knowledge of paleontology, which don’t gets the attention it deserve. But other than that, I keep an open mind, I like to venture off outside of my comfort zone and try out new fields.

If you made it this far, I assume you have somewhat an interest in getting to know me, so tune in and hear my story, if you like.

I am a 20 year-old kid from Vietnam. My real name is Nguyễn Hữu Nghĩa, I know, I can’t pronounce it either. Which is why I’m not going to force anyone to try it. Instead, just call me Bill, a name my sister gave me when I was very young, so they can call me easier, cause really my real name is hard to pronounce even for Vietnamese.

4 years ago, when I just entered high school, I discovered a software called Blender, an open source 3D program used to create 3-dimensional imagery. I started out as a game modder for a little kid’s game called Zoo Tycoon 2, a game that me and my sister got hooked up on when we were younger. Blender, although I was using version 2.49 at the time, which was quite old, it still manage to charmed me with it’s diversity in term of features. Because the game was about managing a zoo, with the animals and what not, I used Blender for pretty much nothing but animals designing, combining with my interest in paleontology, I created dozens of extinct animals for that game, and have received quite a following for myself in that small community.

This is one of my creation for the game Zoo Tycoon 2. Ahh the memory…

Time flies, I am now facing one of the biggest intersection with in my journey, what should I major in in college, what should be my profession, to make a living out of. And what could be better in this world to be able to support a living doing what you love? Therefore, I have decided, that I will either do CG arts for income, or do nothing at all. And so, I applied to one of the Institute in Vietnam where they teach CG technology, passed with flying colors, and began the course. But to be honest, they haven’t teach me much of anything.

The first thing i made SERIOUSLY with Blender, my sweet little baby T.rex, Ace.

Ever since then, I started learning Blender more seriously, improving my skills set more and more every day. I have many plans for the future, in term of how to make money out of what I do, which is my dream, people sometimes tells me otherwise, but I’ll stick to my beliefs and I will prove to them that if you love something, stick with it, and you will make the great. I also plan to hopefully give back something for the community, as a thanks to everything it have taught me and is teaching me.

A more recent project, as you can see, i have venture off in to unknown territory, for me at least, which is hard surface modeling. And it was unbelievable how much i learned during the process.

This is Bill Nguyen, and stay tune for more.

Thank you.


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