Tribute to Zoo Tycoon 2

A tribute to the game that changed my life.


10 Blender’s Quick tips!

10 quick tips for Blender users! These are features or experiences that I've gathered through out the years of learning 3D, some of which are very common problems that beginners run into but struggle to fix.

Wild wild January!

  Wild. That's the only way to describe my January. All because of a little contest called "Sculpt January", an annual event held by the AgenZasBrothers. Basically, for everyday of January, a topic will be given to the contestants and we must make 1 sculpture of that topic, by the end of the month, anyone... Continue Reading →

It's been some times since my last post, my apologies. It have been a busy period for me as the exam is coming and also a Japanese test to get my basic level degree, and then there's also CG work... I have plan to do some real CG related blog posts of course, in fact... Continue Reading →

Dedicated to the Vietnamese Blender community. Perhaps there is no need for me to even clarify how important it is to learn English, as everybody knows in an era where the world is as easy to access to as a mouse click, everyone is now more connected to each other. It is almost a miracle... Continue Reading →

Being presented on the web.

Spending time on the internet instead of the real world is becoming one of the community's biggest concern. Young people are criticized by elders that they spend way too long on the digital world, they don't hang aroung with their family anymore and they'll lose all their interaction skills. To some extent they are not... Continue Reading →

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