[Shapeways] 3D printed Psittacosaurus


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The Psittacosaurus, despite not as infamous as the T.rex or Triceratops, is one of the most important discoveries in paleontology, and it happened very recently.

In 2016, the research on an extremely well preserved fossil of a Psittacosaurus was revealed to public. This specimen was so well-preserved, scientists were able to reconstruct the Psittacosaurus at incredible accuracy. The body shape, the soft tissues, the membranes, even the colors of it’s skin, is all there! And this sculpture will illustrate just that (with the exception of the quills on it’s tail due to 3d printing restraints). Now, you can have an accurate sculpture of the Psittacosaurus in it’s natural habitat, right there on your desk.

This product is available in full color.




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