3D Printing product for SALE on SHAPEWAYS!


After much preparation, finally my first product available for 3D printing is here! Powered by Shapeways, the most popular 3D prints shop on the internet. With just 60  US dollars, you can now own for yourself A Mini sculpture of the scientifically accurate reconstruction of the Psittacosaurus (with the exception of the quills, due to 3d printing restriction). At 10 cm long and 5 cm high, the little critter would fit nicely on your counter of exclusive collectibles, never before seen products. Or perhaps, as the picture suggested, right next to your laptop on your working desk, if you’re a hardcore dinosaur fan.

Shapeways provides you with many different materials that can be use for printing. From the colorful sandstone for the best quality product in full color, to a basic white plastic, strong and flexible, if you fancy to paint the critter yourself.


To mark the beginning of this exciting event, the price for the sculpture in Full color Sandstone will just be 60 US $! Please bare in mine that 3D printing is a very costly procedure, up to 80% of this pricing will goes to the respective company of Shapeways as the cost for them to make the product. This is just the beginning for more things to come, I will be providing more sculptures just like this for everyone on Shapeways.

Along with the grand opening of the store, the Psittacosaurus model also marked a milestone in my career as a 3D artist. Because after many requests, dedication, endurance, clumsiness, even frustration, I finally got the timelapse done for 1 of my model. The video can now be found and view on Youtube!

I have uploaded 2 versions of the video, one that lasted a standard 18 minutes for a timelapse video, and the other at 48 minutes. This is just to ensure a more reasonable speed for anyone who wishes to have a closer look on my rather unconventional work-flow. Plus, the 48-minute version also comes with time markers in the video’s description, so you can easily skip to see the next  step.

(Note: unfortunately, despite all the cautious, my brain somehow still forgot to record 1 step of the work-flow which was the weight-painting. But this step was a common procedure, using Blender’s automatic weight paint to help layout the weights, and then go in to fix up manually)

This is the short timelapse video, 18 minutes:

Go here for the long version with guide lines.

Throughout the process of making the promotion video for the product, a few interesting topics arose and I was requested to compile tutorials for them. Specifically, creating some quick smoke/steam effect for a coffee mug, without the need of the smoke simulator, therefor improving render time 10 folds!


And secondly, making custom sculpt brush for the fine-details of the model. With in the timelapse, 1 of the 3 custom brushes was shown, the other 2 was made in similar technique. One of the brushes was made using the Cell Fracture add-on, with surprisingly good result for the scales and crevices on the skin. 2 others was made in a more uniformed scales system. So expect more tutorials from me soon.


A final note for this blog post, huge thanks to Sheepit render farm for their services in the process of making this product possible. Without their amazing free render farm platform, I would not have been able to finish the promotion videos. And this is not the first time Sheepit has saved me. I’d also like to express my gratitude for having my project being featured on the Sheepit’s homepage. And also, thank you to Poliigon for the amazing textures that they provided, which was used for the base of the sculpture and in the promotion video.

Once again, check out the product and the videos. I’ll see you soon.


Bill Nguyen.


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